Stability and security- peace of mind!

I can’t praise this duo enough, I have been a dental manager of a large practice for over seven years and historically have experienced plenty of frustration with our system set up and support. We took on Stuart and Allan (Symmetry IT) in 2017 and haven’t looked back. We have stability in our systems, we backing up constantly and have the right firewalls in place to protect our sensitive data, we have had no down time since they have come on board! Stuart is our point of contact and is available at a minutes notice in the event of emergencies. He has a comprehensive understanding along with practical outlook that encompasses the entire practice and how it should run efficiently and effectively -from advising and installing printers, scanners, phone systems to mirroring and capturing communication from our dental equipment into our software. He has plenty of contacts in the industry and is highly regarded in his field. I would welcome any surgery looking for stability, security and peace of mind to contact this professional team.

Mandy – Dental Manager


We are a busy real estate agency with multiple offices and staff

We are a busy real estate agency with multiple offices and staff working remotely, so it didn’t take long before we knew that we needed someone that specialised in both PC’s and Apple products to take care of our computer and IT needs.

When it comes to computers, most of us know how to use them, but its people like Stuart who are experts in how to fix them.
Stuart maintains our computers remotely for us, and addresses any issues that arise with remote and telephone support.

Having someone like Symmetry IT in your corner in this busy age of technology is worth every cent.
We are happy to recommend Stuart to any other business who is seeking professional, reliable and prompt IT services.

Ron Jeffery

Yass Yass Yass

We have been dealing with Allan for four years and what can we say he is excellent. With any issues he is instantly on the phone resolving it remotely and if he needs to come to the office is usually here within the hour. We would not have survived without him many times and especially with NBN connected in the last couple of months. We would recommend Allan’s business Symmetry-IT to anyone in the Yass and Canberra areas. He is worth his weight in gold.

Endorsement of Stuart Bryden

Stuart has been my IT guy for years. His determination to really work out a solution to whatever unique IT problem I have has never phased him, and he’s never tried a quick fix that results in the problem just coming back or getting worse. He is always professional and genial, delivers outstanding customer service, and doesn’t baffle you with tech talk. I recommend Stuart and Symmetry-IT without any hesitation.

Dr Stephanie Koorey


Stuart & Allan are not the usual IT support team. Why?….well for one they don’t look down their noses at those of us who are techno challenged. In fact they are happy to try and explain in layman’s terms what the problems may be.
They are quick to respond to our cries for help- and if required are in our office same day- or can & will fix a problem remotely.
They have assisted my business set up a network of computers -software & hardware- installing & maintaining things- without me having a nervous breakdown- so that in itself was amazing!!.
I cant speak highly enough about this company & would highly recommend them to any business.

Michelle Everson

Access Nephrology is dependent on the reliability!

Stuart from Symmetry IT has managed the information technology complexities of Access Nephrology for 2.5 years.
Access Nephrology is a busy Consultant Medical Practice, with out-reach clinics in many parts of NSW.
Medical information comes into Access Nephrology from a multitude of sources, to be used by three busy Consultant Physicians in the Practice.
Access Nephrology is dependent on the reliability of the information technology, and capacity within the Practice to use that information, generate medical reports, manage patients, and medical records (Blue Chip/Medical Director).
Stuart has been a superb operator for Access Nephrology, responds promptly to “calls for help”, and reviews the IT framework regularly to keep it up to date and state of the art.
He also has an uncommonly found patience, when dealing with doctors and staff with high demands on his computer skills.
I strongly endorse his expertise.


Excellent services for businesses & not for profits

Our organisation is a small not-for-profit working with women and children escaping domestic violence. We’ve worked with SymmetryIT for some time and have found that their depth of knowledge, quick problem-solving capacity and attention to security details mean that we’ve never had to stress about any area of our network. We’ve always been able to get in touch for support quickly; SymmetryIT always take the time to explain our options thoroughly and they have, on a number of occasions, pulled together solutions apparently out of thin air with our very limited budget. Highly recommend their services.

Jenn D

Always reliable

Stuart from Symmetry recently told me, our company was one of the first to take on his services when the business started, and i have trusted them ever since. Stuart and Allan are my go to, when ever things go wrong, regardless of the issue, they are always reliable, helpful and friendly. They help explain any issues in “non technical terms”, so i can understand whats going on. Stuart often just calling to make sure everything is ok. Im extremely happy with the service and would recommend them to any business, regardless of size.


Jennifer A'Hern

Fantastic Well Given Service

Allan who I have known for several years, from the great service he gave for the not for profit organisation I previously worked for, has given me great and prompt help and advice in the IT needs of my recently established business BGC services. Therefore to me Allan is so indicative of the fantastic well given service of Symmetry-It, whom I unhesitatingly recommend, to anyone looking for the specialist services, that they offer and can provide.


Bernie Cummins