About us

About Us

Symmetry-IT is a cutting-edge Information Technology company providing state of the art solutions.

Symmetry-IT provides a range of tailored IT solutions for your business. Support agreements are specifically designed to meet the business needs of each site, but our services include 24/7 monitoring of computers, managed services, enterprise grade antivirus/antimalware and disaster recovery solutions.
Our private cloud provides secure virtual servers and can host all of your Exchange server mailbox needs.
All of our services are charged at a reasonable monthly fee.

Reasons to Choose Us

Managed Services

Monitoring your systems 24 hours a day and providing remote and telephone support.

Disaster Recovery

Proactive recovery and backup solutions and 24/7 security monitoring systems.

Tailored Solutions

Symmetry-IT can offer you peace of mind with our full range of tailored IT solutions for your business.

Does your business rely heavily on computers and take a lot of your time to manage and provide staff support.
Symmetry-IT can do this for you and let you get back to what you do best, running your business.