Network Audit and Assessment Tools

Network Audit and Assessment

Network Assessment Tools

Symmetry-IT’s Network Assessment Tools scan entire IT environments and enables us to identify potential risks and security threats, determine which devices are residing in a given network, and more.

The tool is non-invasive and requires no agent or software installation, and scans can be conducted in a matter of minutes. The tool generates a series of reports that can be used provided to the client.

Basic Modules

This Module includes Client Risk Summary Report, Full Network Assessment Report, Excel Analysis Export Report, and Full Detail Change Report.

Premium Modules

This module includes reports covering a broad range of network assets, settings, configuration and performance. Also included is a visual schematic of the network structure, and a complete detailed network report that can be saved as an Excel file.

Exchange Assessment Module

This module includes a comprehensive scan of the entire MS Exchange or Office 365 platform, and is a great tool for Pre-Exchange migration documentation and post-migration validation.

Security Assessment Module

This module contains a full set of security reports focusing on network and user-related security risks. This module reveals which users have access to certain systems, and which systems are configured with various permissions. It also includes a powerful integrated external vulnerability scan.

SQL Server Assessment Module

This module contains the tools needed to properly manage networks with applications running on SQL Server, including SharePoint. This simplified tool is designed so non-database administrator techs can quickly and easily run the scan, and generate all the reports needed for maintaining and reporting the status of any SQL Server database – meaning you do not need to hire a costly DBA to gain powerful insights into potential threats and issues before something goes wrong.

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Network Audit and Assessment Tools

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